Random Realizations Resurrected

The world’s favorite data science blog is back.

Matt Bowers


August 2, 2023

Christ the Redeemer towers into a vast blue Brazilian sky.!

Well it’s been over a year since I posted anything here. You see, a lot has been going on here at the Random Realizations Remote Global Headquarters that has distracted from producing the high-quality data science content that you’re used to. Mostly I went on hiatus from work and started traveling, which turns out to be it’s own full time job. I had aspirations of writing more after leaving work, but of course, after leaving, I couldn’t be bothered to sit down at my laptop and type stuff about data science to yall. After all, life is bigger than that.

When I finally felt like opening up my laptop, I was confronted with an email from the maintainers of fastpages, the open source content management system (CMS) I originally used to create this blog, notifying me that the project was being deprecated and that I would need to migrate my content to some other platform.


That didn’t sound like much fun, so I spent another few months ignoring the blog. But eventually, dear reader, I decided it was time to roll up my sleeves and get this blog thriving once again.

Ok so fastpages was going to be deprecated, and I needed to find a new CMS. My requirements were pretty simple: I wanted to write the blog posts with jupyter notebook, and I wanted to host the site on my own domain. Helpfully, the former maintainers of fastpages recommended an alternative CMS called Quarto which I had never heard of. Apparently I had been living under a rock because Quarto appears to be all the rage. Quarto’s website says it’s an open-source scientific and technical publishing system. I think it’s fair to think of it as a way to render plain text or source code from languages like python, R, and julia into a variety of different published formats like websites, books, or journal articles. It was developed by the good folks over at RStudio, and the project has a pretty active following over on github, so I think it’s less likely to suddenly disappear like fastpages.

So anyway, I’ve been migrating my content over into this new quarto universe.

You mayofficially consider this blog resurrected from the dead, because this is the first new post published after the migration. The site has a bit of a new look and feel, so I hope you like it. Do let me know in the comments if you find anything amiss with the new website. Otherwise we’ll just assume it’s fabulous.

I’m working on a post about how to create a blog with quarto using jupyter and python, so you can too!

See you in more posts real soon! Love, Matt.